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"At last! An entire book devoted to one of the most recently developed and hottest techniques for the study of dinosaurs and other ancient animals. The author has devoted her career to the study of the histology of fossil bone. She comprehensively surveys a body of literature that begins more than a century ago but is up-to-the-minute as well. She skillfully introduces the student to the basics of the subject but also presses toward the limit of what the technique can tell us about the fascinating topics of growth and physiology of extinct animals. She describes the work of others with fairness but leaves no doubt as to her opinions about the shortcomings of widely cited studies. She writes with clarity and vigor and has presented a book that will be widely read by paleontologists of all levels and leanings. "

"Chinsamy-Turan has provided an immense service to the field with the publication of this book."

"Of interest to a wide audience of biologists, the core readership [is] vertebrate paleontologists, each of whom should have a copy."

"A must-read for anybody interested in the biology of one of the most fascinating animals in the history of our planet."

"An irreplaceable manual for all students working in this field."

"Chinsamy-Turan's accessible, engaging book contains enough personal reflections and professional opinions to keep readers enthralled."

"A valuable addition to the library of anyone who thirsts for every bit of knowledge available about these Mesozoic saurians."

"Provides a compelling, if not universal, view of dinosaur physiology that is certain to attract serious consideration and attention."

"Particularly strong on describing what bone is, how it is studied microscopically, and what it is capable to telling us."

The Microstructure of Dinosaur Bone
Deciphering Biology with Fine-Scale Techniques
Publication Date: 15 Jul 2005
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 216 pages
Illustrations: 41 halftones
ISBN: 9780801881206