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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1. Artisan, Silversmith, and Businessman (1754–1775)
Chapter 2. Patriot, Soldier, and Handyman of the Revolution (1775–1783)
Chapter 3. Mercantile Ambitions and a New Look at Silver (1783–1789)
Chapter 4. To Run a "Furnass": The Iron Years (1788–1792)
Chapter 5. Bells, Cannon, and Malleable Copper (1792–1801)
Chapter 6. Paul Revere's Last Ride: The Road to Rolling Copper (1798–1801)
Chapter 7. The Onset of Industrial Capitalism: Managerial and Labor Adaptations (1802–1811)
Chapter 8. Becoming Industrial: Technological Innovations and Environmental Implications (1802–1811)
1. Major Events in the Narratives of Paul Revere and America
2. Four Proto-industrial Production Factors and Major Linkages
3. Prevalent Craft and Industrial Practices in the Proto-industrial Period
4. Selected Revere Engravings
5. Furnace Startup Expenses for 1787–1788
6. April 1796 Payments to Faxon
7. Revere's Second Letter to Benjamin Stoddert, February 26, 1800
8. Employee Salaries, 1802–1806
9. Typical Stages in the Growth of a Large Technological System

Midnight Ride, Industrial Dawn
Paul Revere and the Growth of American Enterprise
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