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"Rohit Khanna has put his finger on the pulse of America's health care system, and it is irregular and worrisome. Anyone who wants a clear understanding of the myriad intractable problems has only to read Khanna's straightforward prose for his uncommonly fresh insights."

"A series of 18 incisive essays on contemporary US and world health issues which continue to beguile health leaders and policy strategists. From Shkreli to Obamacare to COVID, Khanna delves deeply into issues by putting the patient's truth at the center and by appealing for accountability and planning to drive better value and health outcomes for all."

"A very interesting, essay-built book that explores today's most compelling health issues and controversies, from Shkreli to COVID-19 and beyond. Broad in its observations but well-written, with interesting supporting facts. Some, perhaps many, will be angry once finished with their read, but others will pump their fist in agreement. Most importantly, as Khanna writes, we need to have the honest debates and find the solutions."