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"Mixing Races is a fascinating look at how evolutionary science has changed alongside social beliefs."

"Books like this one will open the dialogue about social barriers and group identities. A must read for undergraduates, students, faculty and administration, and parents. Essential."

"It provides a succint, well-organized review of 20th-century scientific research and thinking relevant to notions of race that may assist in our understanding of many of the racial issues that we continue to face as a nation."

"Farber’s short book (110 pages of actual text) traces both historically and sociologically the changing attitudes on race-mixing (miscegenation) in western culture, though the focus is on the United States... Mixing Races is a clear, well written and useful book. Particularly unique are the personal experiences that the author brings to the story... The documentation is inclusive without being overpowering, and the extra readings at the end of each chapter provide ample opportunities for further exploration."

"Farber does an impressive job of demonstrating how practitioners like Linnaeus, Buffon, Saint-Hilaire, and Cuvier advanced the field and set the stage for the development of science as we know it today... [An] estimable volume."

"The history of natural history can rarely have been as succinctly told as in Paul Lawrence Farber's 129-page Finding Order in Nature... It is an odyssey beautifully told."