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"In this commemorative volume, Ford Museum Curator Robert Casey describes how the Model T came to be, against the backdrop of transportation of the day. He features chapters on creating the Model T in concept, manufacturing it, selling it, and owning and driving it."

"An extremely handsome, short, informative book about Henry Ford's great creation... A masterpiece."

"If one had to buy or read one book about the Model T, this should be the book, for its intelligent text and informative, enjoyable graphics."

"The Model T: A Centennial History is that rare automotive book that will appeal to scholars and buffs alike."

"This gripping history is a fine pick for any library including transportation history books on the shelf."

"If there is room on any bookshelf for just one work about Henry Ford's Model T, this is the book that belongs in that space."

"All credit to Robert Casey for a well balanced and enjoyable read."

"Just in time for the centennial celebration of the Model T, Robert Casey captures the remarkable story of that car's history and development and of its long-lasting impact on America."

"Casey's The Model T is a concise and excellent read."

"A short, well-written, lavishly illustrated, and elegant history... [Robert Casey] has met a great need and done it well."