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Table Of Contents

Chronology of Major Events
A Note on Transliteration and Style

Introduction 1
Chapter 1. Cholera and the Globalization of Health in Iran, 1821-1889
Chapter 2. The 1889-1893 Cholera Epidemics
Chapter 3. Epidemics and Sanitary Imperialism, 1896-1904
Chapter 4. Cholera, Germs, and the 1906 Constitutional Revolution
Chapter 5. Wars, Plagues, and Institutional Developments in Health, 1906-1926

A. Nasir al-Din Shah's 1879 Decree on the Hygiene of Tehran
B. Muzaffar al-Din Shah's 1897 Decree Regulating Sanitary Stations and Quarantines on Iran's Eastern Frontiers
C. Medical Practice Act of 1911
D. 1914 Sanitation Ordinances for Tehran

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