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Richard Begam and Matthew Wilson Smith

Part One
World War I and Before: Crises of Gender and Theatricality

1. Matthew Wilson Smith
"Laughing at the Redeemer: Kundry and the Paradox of Parsifal"

2. Daniel Albright
"Materlinck, Debussy and Modernism"

3. Klára Móricz
"Echoes of the Self: Cosmic Loneliness in Bartók's Duke Bluebeard's Castle"

Part Two
Interwar Modernism: Movement and Countermovement

4. Bryan Gilliam
"The Great War and Its Aftermath: Strauss
and Hofmannthal's 'Third-Way Modernism'"

5. Bernadette Meyler
"Adorno's Shifting Wozzeck"

6. Derek Katz
"Many Modernisms, Two Makropulos Cases:
Čapek, Janáček and the Shifting Avant-Gardes of Inter-war Prague"

7. Richard Begam
"Schoenberg, Modernism and Degeneracy"

8. Cyrena Pondrom
"Gertrude Stein, Minimalism and Modern Opera"

Part Three
Opera after World War II: Tensions of Institutional Modernism

9. Herbert S. Lindenberger,
"Stravinsky, Auden and the Mid-Century Modernism of The Rake's Progress"

10. Irene Morra
"Gloriana and the New Elizabethan Age"

11. Linda and Michael Hutcheon
"One Saint in Eight Tableaux: The Untimely Modernism
of Olivier Messiaen's Saint François d'Assise"

12. Joy H. Calico
"Saariaho's L'amour de loin: Modernist Opera in the Twenty-First Century"

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