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"What molds are, why and where they grow, and how to rid our living spaces of these dangerous fungal microorganisms. The authors furnish clear explanations, examples from actual situations, and valuable advice... A storehouse of knowledge presented in a readable style."

"Mold is a hot issue today, but the problem dates back to biblical times. Jeffrey May, author of My House is Killing Me, is a recognized authority on indoor pollution who focuses here on mold—how it prospers, how it affects one's health, and how it can be remediated."

"Their handbook delivers both scientific explanations and expert advice. The most common problems can be headed off or corrected once the homeowner understands the life cycle of mold. That alone is worth the price of the book."

"A good job on a subject most of us would find less than stimulating... Were I actively listing and selling homes, I would keep this book handy as a reference and I would take every opportunity to see how the issue is playing out at the local level. Home inspectors would obviously be a great source of information, both academic and practical."

"The Mold Survival Guide details mold problems and eradication methods and includes photographs—some in color—that show what water damage and mold infestation look like."

"Mold. It's a scary, mystifying and shudder inducing word... The Mays explore what mold is, where and why it grows, how it flourishes, and how it may or may not cause health problems. Readers learn how to identify mold, how to prevent it from spreading and when to call an expert."

"Recommended particularly for concerned homeowners and renovation architects, The Mold Survival Guide: For Your Home and for Your Health outlines the causes of moisture problems in old and new buildings... Leading you through his most tried-and-true forensic methodologies, Jeff May gives you the tools to root out the causes of the bedeviling musty odors that have forced homeowners to flee their homes."

"This book will help you make sensible decisions and cut through the 'fear factor' language in a lot of advertising."

"[May] brings real-world experience with the scientific understanding to match. That is a rare combination. The book is a good read for the lay individual concerned about mold, the parent with a child with asthma, chronic sinusitis, or chronic non-seasonal allergy. It is also a good read for mold professionals of limited experience and those planning to enter the profession."

"A timely, helpful—and even entertaining—contribution to a field that demands attention."

"Asthma and allergy sufferers, this book is essential reading. It will answer all your questions about why you suffer in your home and what you can do to prevent it and will serve for years to come as the definitive guide to establishing disease-free living environments."

"This is the best book I've read in years. I couldn't put it down... It painlessly educates the reader about problem houses."

"Very helpful for finding the factors which worsen your asthma. Five out of five stars for this book."

The Mold Survival Guide
For Your Home and for Your Health
Publication Date: 14 May 2004
Status: Available
Usually ships 2-3 business days after receipt of order.
Trim Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Page Count: 240 pages
Illustrations: 45 b&w illus.
ISBN: 9780801879388