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Table Of Contents

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List of Acronyms
Preface and Acknowledgements
Part I. Theoretical Models of Financial Development
Chapter 1. Keynesian Monetary Growth Models and the Rationale for Financial Repression
Chapter 2. The McKinnon-Shaw Financial Development Framework
Chapter 3. The McKinnon-Shaw School
Chapter 4. Financial Development in Endogenous Growth Models
Chapter 5. Financial Repression and Capital inflows
Chapter 6. Critics of Financial Liberalization
Chapter 7. The Required Reserve Ratio in Financial Development
Part II. Econometric Testing of Financial Development Models
Chapter 8. Effects of Financial Conditions on Saving, investment, and Growth
Chapter 9. Empirical Evidence on Transmission Mechanisms and income Distribution
Chapter 10. Effects of Financial liberalization on Inflation and Short-Run Growth
Chapter 11. Monetary Policies in Pacific Basin Developing Economies
Chapter 12. Foreign Capital Flows to Developing Countries
Part III. Microeconomic and institutional Aspects of Financial Development
Chapter 13. Financial Institutions, Instruments, and Markets
Chapter 14. Financial Institutions and Markets in Developing Countries
Chapter 15. Government Intervention in Financial Sector
Part IV. Monetary and Financial Policies in Economic Development
Chapter 16. Macroeconomic Environment and Macroeconomic Policies
Chapter 17. Central Banks and Deficit Finance in Developing Countries
Chapter 18. Interest Rate and Selective Credit Policies
Chapter 19. Policies for Financial Development