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"The technical history of fever concepts requires a knowledge of the history of complex changes in medical theory and practice over more than 2,000 years. To relate these matters to wider changes in Western society requires a historian not only of broad experience but one able to show how medicine was constitutive of those changes. In Christopher Hamlin, the subject has an author skilled in all these areas who brings to his topic a breadth of specialist and general knowledge, which makes this text a formidable contribution to various fields. More Than Hot is a dazzling, bravura book."

"The author is a distinguished historian and an expert on the topic of fever, especially as it pertains to the modern period, public health, and Britain."

"Hamlin expounds, with grace, wit and learning, the thinking of many of the major figures of medicine... Hamlin trawls medicine's history with great effect, uncovering a number of forgotten figures who had their own ideas about the causes, consequences and treatment of fever."

"A senior historian of disease and public health, Hamlin displays considerable breadth and depth in his knowledge of medical theory and practice from different eras... What makes the book most impressive and compelling is Hamlin’s ability to integrate the history of medicine and science with social and cultural history."