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Table Of Contents

Volume 1
PART ONE. Biology of Mosquitoes
1. Evolution
2. Nomenclature, Classification, and Identification
3. Distribution
4. Development
5. Dormancy
6. Mosquito Movement
7. Feeding and Nutrition
8. Excretion
9. Copulation and Insemination
10. Egg Development and Oviposition
PART TWO. Mosquito Diversity, Systematics, and Medical Importance
11. Genera and Medically Important Species Pages
12. Glossary of Diagnostic Morphological Terms
Volume 2
Expanded Contents
PART THREE. Taxonomic Catalog of Culicidae
Abbreviations Used for Type Depositories
General Publications, Family Culicidae
Taxonomic Catalog
Fossil Culicidae
Nomina Dubia
Nomina Nuda and Rejected Names
Group and Other Suprageneric
Informal Species Groups
Literature Cited