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Table Of Contents

Part I. The Crisis Develops: September 1939-November 1940
Chapter 1. "A Terrible, Stultifying Vacuum"
Chapter 2. "God, Love and Anglo-American Relationa": The French Crisis
Chapter 3. Of Garden Hoses and Other Stories: Summer and Fall 1940
Part II. The Crisis Faced and Solved: November 1940=March 1941
Chapter 4. "Money-Above All, Ready Money"
Chapter 5. The "Shoot the Works" Bill: Lend-Lease, Inception to Proposal
Chapter 6. "God Save America From a King Named George"-Or Franklin: The Congressional Debate
Chapter 7. "From Something Like Disaster": The Passage of the Lend-Lease Ast
Chapter 8. "Like Hitting Wads of Cotton Wool": Conclusions