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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1. The Susa Group: Face to Face in the Land of the Great Apes
Chapter 2. Evolution and Classifi cation
Chapter 3. Growing Up in a Group
Chapter 4. The Dynamics of Group Formation
Chapter 5. The Hierarchy
Chapter 6. The Male-Male Relationship
Chapter 7. The Female-Female Relationship
Chapter 8. The Male-Female Relationship
Chapter 9. The Daily Cycle
Chapter 10. Feeding Habits
Gorilla Gallery
Chapter 11.The Majestic Montane Rain Forests
Chapter 12. The Clearing of the Forest
Chapter 13. The Impact of Colonialism
Chapter 14. Life in a War Zone
Chapter 15. Making a Living
Chapter 16. The Business of Mountain Gorillas
Chapter 17. Conservation: The Early Years
Chapter 18. New Threats, New Ideas, and Alternative Approaches
Chapter 19. A Natural Evolution to a Regional Approach
Chapter 20. Partners in Conservation—Building for the Future
Chapter 21. Morning of Hope
Afterword. A Call to Action
A. Organizations
B. Travel Resources
C. Milestones in Mountain Gorilla Conservation
D. Vegetation Documentation
Acronyms and Abbreviations
Sources and Suggested Reading