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"Tangires's meticulous and thought-provoking book takes us on a fascinating journey through the transformation and translocation of US wholesale food markets. In taking a long view, it offers new insights into this important topic, reminding us of the continued importance of state involvement in food distribution; food supply was a political as well as logistical undertaking."

"Tangires weaves the complex strands of varied people and places into a coherent big-picture overview of the civic reforms that reshaped the food distribution system in the twentieth century. With its focus on landscapes of wholesaling, this book will make a valuable contribution to the scholarship of twentieth-century food history."

"Helen Tangires is probably the best-suited person to write a book on food wholesaling in the twentieth century. Movable Markets will make a major contribution to our historic knowledge of the American food industry."

"In investigating the social, economic, and political forces behind the removal of beloved city food markets—Les Halles in Paris and New York's Washington Market, for example—to more efficient but far less colorful out-of-town locations, Helen Tangires has given us a refreshingly new take on the history of twentieth-century food systems."

"Tangires's careful attention to physical market spaces brings them to life for readers interested in architectural history or urban planning."

"Helen Tangires tells the story of a time, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, when wholesale urban food markets mattered very much to the average consumer."