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Table Of Contents

Part One
1. Trends in Recent Research on the Late Middle Ages
2. Eustache Deschamps, L'Art de Dictier, 1392: Presentation and State of Research
3. Desiderata in Research
Part Two
4. From Pagan Late Antiquity to the Christian Middle Ages
5. Augustine, De musica
6. Boethius, De institutione arithmetica and De institutionemusica
7. Speculative Music Theory in the Boethian Tradition,500–1500
8. Speculative Music Theory and Poetics
9. Instead of a Summary: Speculative Music Theory and Poeticsin the French Vernacular. Évrart de Conty's Échecs amoureux and Glose
Part Three
10. Eustache Deschamps's L'Art de Dictier Revisited: New Connections
11. The Speculative Conception of Music and the "Formalist" Poetics of the Grands Rhétoriqueurs