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My House Is Killing Me!

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My House Is Killing Me!

A Complete Guide to a Healthier Indoor Environment
second edition

Whether you have allergies or asthma, or you just want to avoid exposures to indoor contaminants and allergens, this book will teach you how to have a healthier home.

In this thoroughly revised edition of My House Is Killing Me! Jeffrey C. and Connie L. May draw on the dramatic personal stories of their clients to help readers understand the links between indoor environmental conditions and human health. Explaining how air conditioning, finished basements, and other home features affect indoor air quality, the authors offer a step-by-step approach to identifying, controlling, and even eliminating the sources of indoor pollutants and allergens. This new edition includes

• more than 60 color photographs
• expanded coverage on the dangers posed by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produced by such common items as paint, carpet, and household cleaning products
• up-to-date information on the potential risks of installing spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation
• completely new case studies of people who improved their indoor air quality by following the authors' advice
• brand-new chapters, including " 'Trojan Horse' Allergens," "The Three Ps—Pets, Pests, and People," "Indoor Air Quality in Multi-Unit Buildings," and "Testing and Remediation."

Reading My House Is Killing Me! lets you see your house the way an expert would. Along with offering a wealth of practical advice and proven solutions for various problems, the Mays include a glossary of terms and a list of valuable resources. This book is a must for all home occupants as well as perfect for those contemplating moving to or purchasing a property.

My House Is Killing Me!
A Complete Guide to a Healthier Indoor Environment
Publication Date: 1 Dec 2020
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 7" x 10"
Page Count: 408 pages
Illustrations: 67 color photos, 1 color illus, 5 b&w photos
ISBN: 9781421438955