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Table Of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments
Searching for a Key to The Mysteries
Memoranda for the Sympathetic Reader
Part I
Chapter 1. Lucy Wilson
Chapter 2. The Masquerade
Chapter 3. Two Sisters
Chapter 4. A Night After the Honeymoon
Chapter 5. A Welcome Guest
Chapter 6. Don Juan in Hell
Chapter 7. Parasina Brulard-Hotchkiss
Chapter 8. An Intermezzo and Further Events at Madame Brulard's
Chapter 9. The Southern Cross
Chapter 10. Mantis Religiosa
Chapter 11. The Negro Family
Chapter 12. Sulla
Chapter 13. The Manuscript
Part II
Chapter 14. Jenny and Frida
Chapter 15. Far Away
Chapter 16. The Assault on Looking-Glass Prairie
Chapter 17. Gretchen in the Bush
Chapter 18. Unexpected
Chapter 19. Searching for a Bride
Chapter 20. Lesbian Love
Chapter 21. Albert
Part III
Chapter 22. One Year Later
Chapter 23. Under The Live Oaks
Chapter 24. The Coffee Pickers
Chapter 25. The Prince of Württemberg
Chapter 26. Aunty Celestine
Chapter 27. Corybantic Fits
Chapter 28. In the Hamburg Mill
Chapter 29. Clubmen of the 99th and 100th Degree
Chapter 30. Under the Bed
Part IV
Prologue: The Fata Morgana of the South
Chapter 31. Angel and Genius
Chapter 32. On the Flight to Nineveh
Chapter 33. Interludes
Chapter 34. A Parrot in Cupid's Service
Chapter 35. A Letter From the West, or, The Voice of a Friend From Highland
Chapter 36. The Confession
Chapter 37. Complications and Revelations
Chapter 38. One Night in the Life of a Young Woman
Part V
Prologue: The Criminals' Dock on the Mesa
Chapter 39. Red Today, Dead Tomorrow
Chapter 40. The Nurse
Chapter 41. How It Happened
Chapter 42. The Reunion
Chapter 43. The Journey to the Place of Execution

The Mysteries of New Orleans
Publication Date: 1 Aug 2002
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9.25"
Page Count: 600 pages
Illustrations: 3 halftones
ISBN: 9780801868825