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"Highly original and substantial; there is no other book devoted entirely to examining Amish relations to nature. Writing in a lively, clear, and engaging way, McConnell and Loveless highlight the diversity of beliefs and behaviors within the category of people known as the Amish."

"McConnell and Loveless break new ground, presenting readers with a comprehensive narrative on a full range of Amish beliefs and practices about the environment, from agriculture and forestry to hunting and birding. Nowhere before has any single book discussed these topics so comprehensively."

"This social-scientific study provides a fascinating window into, and judicious analysis of, the complex relationships between the Amish and their environment-related beliefs and practices. I highly recommend this volume both for its insights and as a model for mixed-methods research."

"This trailblazing study shatters long-held stereotypes of Amish life. McConnell and Loveless's cross-disciplinary insights show the complexity of Amish entanglements with the natural environment. A spectacular achievement for its breadth, depth, readability, and nuanced scholarship."