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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1. Deciphering the Amish Relationship with Nature

Part I. Growing Up Rural
Chapter 2. Raising Children at Nature's Doorstep
Chapter 3. The Amish Ecological Footprint

Part II. Working with Nature
Chapter 4. The Transformation of Amish Agriculture
Chapter 5. The Forest for the Trees: The Wood-Products Industry
Chapter 6. Tinkering with Creation: Alternative Animal Breeding

Part III. Reconfiguring Leisure and the Outdoors
Chapter 7. Bringing Nature Home: From Gardening to Herbal and Natural Medicines
Chapter 8. Fin, Fur, and Feather: Nature-Based Recreation
Chapter 9. Observing and Writing Nature: Amish as Travelers and Authors

Part IV. The Amish as Environmentalists
Chapter 10. Acting Locally: Amish Responses to Regional Environmental Issues
Chapter 11. Thinking Globally: The Amish Ecological Imagination
Chapter 12. Parochial Stewards: The Amish Encounter with Nature and the Environment

Appendix: Methods