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Table Of Contents

Introduction: From Environmentalism to Consciousness
Part I: Ecology
1. Awakening to the "Environment"
2. On Being Polluted
3. From Transcendence to Obsolescence: A Route Map
4. Air and Being: The Psychedelics of Pollution
5. Ecocriticism's Genesis
6. Ecology and Ideology
7. Aldo Leopold: Esthetic "Anthropocentrist"
8. Postmodern Ecologizing: Circumference without a Center
9. The "Environment" Is Us
10. Ecology and Ecstasy on Interstate 80
11. Full Stomach Wilderness and the Suburban Esthetic
12. Coetzee's Postmodern Animals
Part Two: "Nature" and Evolution
13. My Science Wars
14. O, Paglia Mia!
15. A Crucifix for Dracula: Wendell Berry Meets Edward O. Wilson
16. The New Darwinism in the Humanities
17. Ecocriticism's Big Bang
18. Overcoming the Oversoul: Emerson's Evolutionary Existentialism
19. Back to Bacteria: Richard Dawkins' Fabulous Bestiary
Part Three: Consciousness
20. Muses, Spooks, Neurons, and the Rhetoric of "Freedom"
21. John Searle and His Ghosts
22. Daniel Dennett and the Brick Wall of Consciousness
23. The Crumbling Mortar of Social Construction
Conclusion: My Life as a Robot