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"Showcases the biologist's special talents for extrapolating global theories from arcane and detailed research... Enlightening and thought-provoking."

"Nature Revealed demonstrates, again and again, Wilson's endless capacity to put scientific findings into a broader context and to bridge gaps between disciplines. "

"E.O. Wilson's many contributions to science can hardly be summarized in a newspaper column, but the highlights are well preserved in Nature Revealed. "

"This book captures the key elements in this gifted explorer's complex journey so far."

"A fascinating collection from one of the most influential thinkers of our time."

"A wonderful sample of the writings of one of our most distinguished evolutionists and a great champion of biodiversity. Wilson is also one of the broadest thinkers on the intellectual stage today. This is an especially important book for a time when science in the United States is under attack by forces seeking to reverse the enlightenment."

"Edward Wilson is among the great scientists, thinkers, and authors of my lifetime. In this book he gathers and places in context his own key writings from 1949 to the present. The result is both a moving book and a treasure for those interested in science and history."

"This book is a treasure trove of ideas... It always rewards."

"Lucid and eminently readable... a valuable primer for those interested in the history of science."