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Table Of Contents

Neoliberalism and Literature, by Mitchum Huehls and Rachel Greenwald Smith
Part I
1. Fifty Shades of Neoliberal Love, by Walter Benn Michaels
2. The Microeconomic Mode, by Jane Elliott
3. The New Materialism and Neoliberalism, by Min Hyoung Song
4. Realisms Redux; or, Against Affective Capitalism, by Jeffrey T. Nealon
5. The Surfaces of Contemporary Capitalism, by Jeffrey T. Baskin
Part II
6. Fictions of Neoliberalism, by Mathias Nilges
7. Totaling the Damage, by Jennifer Ashton
8. Against Omniscient Narration, by Marcial González
9. The Memoir in the Age of Neoliberal Individualism, by Daniel Worden
Part III
10. The Perpetual Fifties of American Fiction, by Matthew Wilkens
11. The Neoliberal Novel of Migrancy, by Sheri-Marie Harrison
12. Neoliberal Childhoods, by Caren Irr
13. Post-recession Realism, by Andrew Hoberek
Part IV
14. The Author as Executive Producer, by Michael Szalay
15. Neoliberalism and the Demise of the Literary, by Sarah Brouillette
16. The Humanist Fix, by Leigh Claire La Berge
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