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Part I. Developing a New Definition of College Towns
Chapter 1. The New American College Town: Twenty Characteristics
James Martin and James E. Samels
Chapter 2. Fostering an Effective Town-Gown Relationship: Eight Leading Practices from the International Town & Gown Association
Michael Fox and Beth Bagwell
Part II. Effective Campus-Community Relationships Start with the President
Chapter 3. Urban-Serving Universities: Rethinking the College Town for the Twenty-First Century
Wim Wiewel and Erin Flynn
Chapter 4. How College Towns Have Become Regional Economic Drivers
John Simon, Fred McGrail, and Allison Starer
Chapter 5. The Public Purpose of Higher Education: Building Innovative College-Community Partnerships
Katherine Bergeron, Tracee Reiser, and Jefferson A. Singer
Chapter 6. Starting from Scratch: How Albion Reinvented Its Town—and Its College in the Process
Mauri A. Ditzler and Lorin Ditzler
Chapter 7. A Plan for Brooklyn: Engaging Community in the First Year of a College Presidency
Miguel Martinez-Saenz
Chapter 8. Right Place, Right Time: Presidential Vision and Political Realities
Susan Henderson and Aaron Aska
Chapter 9. Community College Towns: Five Ways Presidents Can Leverage Their Resources
Kevin E. Drumm
Part III. Beyond the President's Office: Expanding Missions and Leveraging Resources
Chapter 10. How Planners Work: Best Practices for Keene State College and Keene, New Hampshire, in Balancing Community Relations
Jay Kahn
Chapter 11. How Architects Envision College Towns Today and Tomorrow: Ten Best Practices for Integrated Design
Stuart Rothenberger, Krisan Osterby, and Patrick Hyland Jr.
Chapter 12. What Mayors Think: Local Politicians' Views of College Town Opportunities and Expectations
Kate Rousmaniere
Chapter 13. Money Matters: Creative Financing for Campuses and Their Communities
Rick Seltzer
Chapter 14. Hidden Opportunities and Challenges in the College Town Job Market
Andrew W. Hibel and Kelly A. Cherwin
Chapter 15. Student Expectations and Student Needs: How Effective College Towns Are Designed with Students at the Center
Eugene L. Zdziarski II
Chapter 16. Las Vegas: Designing a College Town in the Shadow of Neon Lights
Kim Nehls
Chapter 17. Remote and Ready to Partner: A Blueprint for Sustainable Town-Gown Partnerships in Rural Areas
Robert C. Andringa
Chapter 18. Collaboration Is Complex: Five Lessons from Higher Education Consortium Directors for College Town Planners
Phillip DiChiara
Chapter 19. A College Town Legal Primer: The Most Frequently Asked Questions, and Answers, about Campus-Community Partnerships
James E. Samels and James Martin
Chapter 20. Get Ready: College Towns Two Generations from Today
Joel Garreau
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The New American College Town
Designing Effective Campus and Community Partnerships
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