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Table Of Contents

Nicholas Popper and Ann Blair
Part I. Chronological Horizons
Chapter 1. Humanism between Middle Ages and Renaissance
Elizabeth McCahill
Chapter 2. From Renaissance to Enlightenment
William J. Bulman
Part II. Geographical Horizons
Chapter 3. New Worlds, New Texts: Rewriting the Book of Nature
Daniela Bleichmar
Chapter 4. Beyond East and West
Alexander Bevilacqua
Part III. Disciplinary and Generic Horizons
Chapter 5. Reconfiguring the Boundary between Humanism and Philosophy
Jill Kraye
Chapter 6. The Varieties of Historia in Early Modern Europe
Frederic Clark
Chapter 7. The Knowledge of Early Modernity: New Histories of Sciences and the Humanities
Nicholas Popper
Part IV. Evidentiary Horizons
Chapter 8. Material Histories: Museum Objects and the Material Culture of Early Modern Europe
Amanda Wunder
Chapter 9. New Knowledge Makers
Ann Blair
Chapter 10. History, Historians, and the Production of Societies in the Past and Future
Yuen-Gen Liang
Anthony Grafton
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