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"Leading political scientists [argue that] national politicians, far from being gridlocked, have acted with alacrity to implement fundamental and often surprising reforms in fields as diverse as education, immigration, and tax reform. In some of these areas the powerful lobbyists have been, literally, banished from the Congressional committee rooms, confounding most text books on American politics. This is an important book, which teaches the value of ideas in the post-utilitarian world of modern America."

"All people want to talk about these days is the Republican 'revolution' in the process and substance of public policy. This collection of essays gives us a framework for assessing the novelty of the 'revolution' and, more importantly, for grounding today's policy developments in the changes in American politics and political philosophy over the past two decades."

"An ambitious, provocative book that develops a powerful argument explaining how and why policy innovation is more characteristic of the American system than gridlock."—Thomas E. Mann, The Brookings Institution."In this book many of the most distinguished analysts of American public policies and processes offer fresh, challenging, and often illuminating commentaries."

The New Politics of Public Policy
Publication Date: 1 May 1995
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 360 pages
ISBN: 9780801848780