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"A timely, fresh, and important book that fills a gap in contemporary work on youth civic engagement and young adult political activism. By coining the term 'neoactivism,' Dr. Conner captures both the political context and the new style of activism in this generation of student activists. This book transcends political silos and helps readers understand how political struggles and different kinds of oppression are interwoven for current activists."

"An excellent book. Exceptionally well written, clearly organized, and persuasively argued, The New Student Activists makes a real contribution to our understanding of the new wave of student activism across US campuses. This theoretically sophisticated book represents the best of public scholarship, and it will draw interest across scholarly and public communities."

"Logical, clear, and compelling. This book is needed right now. Conner outlines the topic in a way that makes the reader care and want to know more about student activists and their roles in the larger society."

"The new economics of college are profoundly destabilizing the promise of American higher education. Thank goodness for today's #RealCollege students and their neoactivism—it is because of their leadership, beautifully described in this book, that there is still hope for the future."

The New Student Activists
The Rise of Neoactivism on College Campuses
Publication Date: 18 Feb 2020
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 240 pages
Illustrations: 2 graphs
ISBN: 9781421436678