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Table Of Contents

1. Exploring the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation: Setting the Stage for Evaluation
2. North American Ecological History as the Foundation of the Model
3. Societal Context for North American Model Emergence
4. The Great Early Champions
5. Critical Legislative and Institutional Underpinnings of the North American Model
6. The Landscape Conservation Movement
7. Hunting and Vested Interest as the Spine of the North American Model
8. Science and the North American Model: Edifice of Knowledge, Exemplar for Conservation
9. North American Waterfowl Management: An Example of a Highly Effective International Treaty Arrangement for Wildlife Conservation
10. Private-Public Collaboration and Institutional Successes in North American Conservation
11. Social, Economic, and Ecological Challenges to the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation
12. A Comparison of the North American Model to Other Conservation Approaches