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Table Of Contents

Introduction: The Order of Economic
Chapter 1. Liberalization
Chapter 2. Financial Repression and the Productivity of Capital: Empirical Findings on Interest Rates and Exchange Rates
Chapter 3. High Real Interest Rates: Japan and Taiwan Versus Chile
Chapter 4. Instruments of Financial Repression
Chapter 5. Inflation Tax, Monetary Control, and Reserve Requirements on Commercial Banks
Chapter 6. Macroeconomic Control During Disinflation: Chile Versus South Korea
Chapter 7. Macroeconomic Instability and Moral Hazard in Banking
Chapter 8. Protectionism in Foreign Trade: Quotas Versus Tariffs
Chapter 9. Exchange-Rate Policy in Repressed and Open Economies
Chapter 10. The International Capital Market and Economic Liberalization: The Overborrowing Syndrome
Chapter 11. Stabilizing the Ruble: Financial Control During the Transition From a Centrally Planned to a Market Economy
Chapter 12. Foreign Trade, Protection, and Negative Value-Added in a Liberalizing Socialist Economy
Chapter 13. Financial Growth and Macroeconomic Stability in China, 1978–1992: Implications for Russia and Eastern Europe
Chapter 14. Gradual Versus Rapid Liberalization in Socialist Foreign Trade: Concluding Notes on Alternative Models