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"Presented in a question-and-answer format, The Orgasm Answer Guide covers everything you could want to know about orgasms but were afraid to ask."

"Exhaustive, sweetly sex-positive, and funny in that unflappable science-nerd way."

"Contributors, who are sexuality researchers and educators, give accessible, compassionate, research-based answers to 80 questions about orgasm. Good illustrations and comprehensive references complement a work that will be a valuable resource for sexuality educators and practitioners, and a great addition to the sexuality self-help genre. Highly recommended."

"Beverly Whipple, sexuality researcher and coauthor with Alice Ladas of the international best-selling book The G-Spot and Other Discoveries about Human Sexuality, teams up with neuroscientist Barry R. Komisaruk and endocrinologist Carlos Beyer-Flores to illustrate a complete picture of one of the most electrifying and mysterious parts of human sexuality—orgasm. From the definition of orgasm to the effects of disease, aging, and drugs, to neurochemistry of orgasm and finally leading up to its connection with the brain, through this comprehensive and interesting journey, many questions about 'one of life’s greatest pleasures' are answered."

"The authors hit this one out of the park! Their book answers key questions with a unique combination of science, credibility, and caring."

"This book answers the questions many of us secretly have about orgasms and many we may not even have thought of... until now. Ever wondered why people experience orgasms while asleep? What the U spot is? Or how machines and devices stimulate orgasms? Then this book is for you."

"A must-read for every couple. Pulling together reliable information from hundreds of sources, The Orgasm Answer Guide will expand your frame of reference beyond your personal experience. Written for a broad audience, I suspect it will nevertheless become a valuable reference for sexual health professionals."

"Orgasm may be the ultimate subjective experience; it's impossible to know what another's climax is like. Yet these fascinating scientists and graceful writers deliver a book that reveals orgasm's universal truths."