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Table Of Contents

1. What Makes a Bird?, by Amanda D. Rodewald, Michael L. Morrison, Melanie R. Colón, Gary Voelker, and Jonathan F. Prather
2. Origin and Early Evolution of Birds, by Luis M. Chiappe
3. Species Concepts and Speciation Analysis, by John Klicka and Robert M. Zink
4. Bird Distributions: Evolutionary and Ecological Perspectives, by Gary Voelker and Robert M. Zink
5. From Fertilization to Independence, by J. Matthias Starck
6. Anatomy, by Margaret A. Voss and Marco Pavia
7. Physiology, by Carlos Martinez del Rio, Zachary Cheviron, and Alejandro Pablo Sabat Kirkwood
8. Endocrinology, by George E. Bentley, Jamie M. Cornelius, and Thomas P. Hahn
9. Feathers and Molt, by Vanya G. Rohwer and Luke K. Butler
10. Flight and Locomotion, by Ashley M. Heers
11. Coloration, by Geoffrey E. Hill
12. The Senses, by Graham R. Martin
13. Song and the Brain, by Jonathan F. Prather
14. Acoustic Communication, by Jeffrey Podos and Michael S. Webster
15. Foraging Behavior, by Diego Sustaita, Alejandro Rico-Guevara, and Fritz Hertel
16. Reproductive Behavior and Mating Systems, by Patricia Adair Gowaty
17. Social Systems, by Susan B. McRae
18. Habitat Ecology, by Matthew D. Johnson and Eric M. Wood
19. Birds on the Move: Ecology of Migration and Dispersal, by W. Alice Boyle
20. Population Structure, by Peter Arcese and Lukas F. Keller
21. Population Ecology, by Leonard A. Brennan and William Block
22. Assemblages and Communities, by Robert J. Cooper and Shannon Farrell
23. Parasites and Diseases, by Jennifer Owen
24. Modern Climate Change and Birds, by Benjamin Zuckerberg and Lars Y. Pomara
25. Extinction and Endangerment, by John M. Marzluff and Marco Restani
26. In Harm's Way, by Timothy J. O'Connell and Scott R. Loss
27. Conservation Tools and Strategies, by Jeffrey R. Walters, Dylan C. Kesler, and Elisabeth B. Webb
28. Ecosystem and Landscape Management and Planning, by Mažeika P. Sullivan and Kerri T. Vierling
29. The Social and Economic Worth of Birds, by Christopher A. Lepczyk, Paige S. Warren, and Michael W. Strohbach
30. Pathways in Ornithology, by Melanie R. Colón, Ashley M. Long, Lori A. Blanc, and Caren B. Cooper
31. Fundamental Techniques, by Geoffrey Geupel, John Dumbacher, and Maureen Flannery