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"A fascinating and eminently readable addition to the literature on this subject that provides enhanced coverage of the perceptions and politics within the US government from 1945 through the 1950s."

"Crim’s eloquent history of the rocket team contracted to work under Project Paperclip brings insightful and nuanced analysis to a controversial subject. While not neglecting the ethical questions it raised, he shows that the project’s career also provides a revealing glimpse into the development of the postwar national security establishment."

"Crim has written an engaging and absorbing account of one of the most sensitive post-war intelligence operations: absorbing Nazi scientists into America’s national security apparatus. Amidst all this secrecy is a story of personalities and bureaucratic rivalries, and evolving perceptions of the Soviet Union in this crucial period of Cold War history."

"Through participant vignettes, historian Crim provides insight into early Cold War decision-making in this well-documented, microhistorical, dissertation-like expose of Project Paperclip. Highly recommended."

"A very fine account concerning the internal dynamics of the Paperclip program, providing a more nuanced evaluation than has hitherto been available."

"At a time when drones, cyberweapons, and other high technology continue to substitute for coherent foreign policy, Crim's book is a sober reminder of the moral hazards of a technocratic national security state."

"What distinguishes Our Germans is its emphasis on the role of the specialists in the emerging national security state of the early Cold War, where Project Paperclip 'exacerbated the growing rift between the State Department and an ascendant national security bureaucracy' (99). But most importantly, Our Germans is a much-needed update and expansion of Clarence Lasby's 1971 Project Paperclip: German Scientists and the Cold War."

"In the aftermath of the Second World War, the US government recruited hundreds of German scientists and engineers, including the designers of the V2 rocket, to staff American agencies and companies under the so-called Paperclip programme. Crim draws on recently declassified documents to reveal the history of the programme and the controversies it provoked."