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Palatines, Liberty, and Property

'Palatines, Liberty, and Property' cover image

Palatines, Liberty, and Property

German Lutherans in Colonial British America

Winner of the American Historical Association's John B. Dunning Prize

Winner of The Lutheran Historical Society's St. John Biggerville Prize

In Palatines, Liberty, and Property A. G. Roeber explains why so many Germans, when they faced critical choices in 1776, became active supporters of the patriot cause. Employing a variety of German-language sources and and following all the major German migration streams, Roeber explores German conceptions of personal and public property in the context of cultural and religious beliefs, village life, and family concerns. Co-winner of the John H. Dunning Prize from the American Historical Association, Roeber's study of German-American settlements and their ideas about liberty and property provides an unprecedented view of how non-English culture and beliefs made their way from Europe to America.