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"An authoritative manual of instructions... This book is highly recommended."

"Brief (at just 171 pages) but powerful, this straightforward book is both sobering and inspiring."

"No matter how experienced a professional might be in dealing with patients with pancreatic cancer, it is refreshing to hear from the patient's perspective, reading how they navigate through the system before they land in our clinic and receive our care. Overall, I would recommend this book to all health professionals who care for patients with pancreatic cancer (both novice and seasoned), as well as those who are adjusting to a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer."

"This book is excellent. It is positive and compassionate... It would make a useful contribution to a library."

"This book is a valuable source of intimate details about Pancreatic Disease and related problems... Highly recommended for the practicing instructions and frank discussions of personal and family preparation along with the current treatments that are available."