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Table Of Contents

1. The Human Dimension of Comparative Research
2. The Past and Present of Comparative Politics
The Interviews
3. Gabriel A. Almond: Structial Functionalism and Political Development
4. Barrington Moore, Jr.: The Critical Spirit and Comparative Historical Analysis
5. Robert A. Dahl: Normative Theory, Empirical Research, and Democracy
6. Juan J. Linz: Political Regimes and the Quest for Knowledge
7. Samuel P. Huntington: Order and Conflict in Global Perspective
8. Arend Lijphart: Political Institutions, Divided Societies, and Consociational Democracy
9. Guillermo O'Donnell: Democratization, Political Engagement, and Agenda-Setting Research
10. Philippe C. Schmitter: Corporatism, Democracy, and Conceptual Traveling
11. James C. Scott: Peasants, Power, and the Art of Resistance
12. Alfred Stepan: Democratic Governance and the Craft of Case-Based Research
13. Adam Przeworski: Capitalism, Deomcracy, and Science
14. Robert H. Bates: Markets, Politics, and Choice
15. David Collier: Critical Junctures, Concepts, and Methods
16. David D. Laitin: Culture, Rationality, and the Search for Discipline
17. Theda Skocpol: States, Revolutions, and the Comparative Historical Imagination
Appendix: Date and Location of Interviews
Name Index
Subject Index

Passion, Craft, and Method in Comparative Politics
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