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Table Of Contents

Part I: Kinds of Films, Kinds of Emotions
Chapter 1. Film, Emotion, and Genre
Chapter 2. Sentiment in Film Viewing
Chapter 3. The Sublime in Cinema
Chapter 4. The Emotional Basis of Film Comedy
Part II: Film Technique, Film Narrative, And Emotion
Chapter 5. Local Emotions, Global Moods, and Film Structure
Chapter 6. Emotions, Cognitions, and Narrative Patterns in Film
Chapter 7. Movie Music as Moving Music: Emotion, Cognition, and the Film Score
Chapter 8. Time and Timing
Part III: Desire, Identification, And Empathy
Chapter 9. Narrative Desire
Chapter 10. Identification and Emotion in Narrative Film
Chapter 11. Gangsters, Cannibals, Aesthetes, or Apparently Perverse Allegiances
Chapter 12. The Scene of Empathy and the Human Face on Film
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Passionate Views
Film, Cognition, and Emotion
Publication Date: 23 Apr 1999
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Illustrations: 23 halftones
ISBN: 9780801860119