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"I cannot say enough good things about this work. The argument and scope of this book are very bold, impeccably researched and documented, clearly articulated and precise."

"The Pathos of the Real offers a masterful analysis of the ways in which the arts render experience at the point of its breakdown. Buch expertly guides his readers through primal scenes of violence in which the link between the fragility of our embodied lives—our capacity to be wounded—and our capacity to make (and suffer the unmaking of) meaning is most intense."

"Ambitious comparative study... Provides new insights into a range of canonical texts."

"Readers might find themselves hankering for more books of this complexity and depth in the field of modern language literatures."

"At the same time as The Pathos of the Real is valuable for engaging individual authors and works, it persuasively demonstrates a characteristic tension in twentieth-century literature between iconophilia and iconoclasm, cool detachment and vulnerable complicity, exposure and resistance."