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Pathways to a Successful Accountable Care Organization

'Pathways to a Successful Accountable Care Organization' cover image

Pathways to a Successful Accountable Care Organization

A valuable guide to starting and running a successful accountable care organization.

Health care in America is undergoing great change. Soon, accountable care organizations—health care organizations that tie provider reimbursements to quality metrics and reductions in the cost of care—will be ubiquitous. But how do you set up an ACO? How does an ACO function? And what are the keys to creating a profitable ACO?

Pathways to a Successful Accountable Care Organization will help guide you through the complicated process of establishing and running an ACO. Peter A. Gross, MD, who has firsthand experience as the chairman of a successful ACO, breaks down how he did it and describes the pitfalls he discovered along the way. In-depth essays by a group of expert authors touch on

• the essential ingredients of a successful ACO
• monitoring and submitting Group Practice Reporting Option quality measures
• mastering your patients' responses to the Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Survey
• how bundled payments and CPC+ can meld with your ACO
• how MACRA and MIPS affect your ACO
• the role of an ACO/CIN
• the complexities of post-acute care
• data analytics
• engaging and integrating physician practices

Dr. Gross and his colleagues are in a perfect position to guide other health care leaders through the ACO process while also providing excellent case studies for policy professionals who are interested in how their work influences health care delivery. Readers will come away with the necessary knowledge to thrive and be rewarded with cost savings.

Contributors: Joshua Bennett, Allison Brennan, Glen Champlin, Kris Corwin, Guy D'Andrea, Joseph F. Damore, Mitchel Easton, Andy Edeburn, Seth Edwards, Jennifer Gasperini, Kris Gates, Shawn Griffin, Peter A. Gross, Brent Hardaway, Mark Hiller, Beth Ireton, Thomas Kloos, Jeremy Mathis, Miriam McKisic, Morey Menacker, Denise Patriaco, Elyse Pegler, John Pitsikoulis, Michael Schweitzer, Bryan F. Smith