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"An original, innovative, and provocative history of ancient medicine in the High Roman Empire from the patient's point of view. Israelowich combines different materials—medical writings, papyri, inscriptions, juridical and literary texts, and archaeological sources—into a fascinating mosaic."

"Patients and Healers is a substantial piece of scholarship, worthy of careful study for anyone interested the subject. Its focus on the perceptions and motives of the patient with emphasis on inscriptions and ex-voto dedications distinguishes this book from other general studies on health care under the Empire."

"A comprehensive study of the medical market and the interactions between patients and healers in the Roman Empire."

"Israelowich's book best succeeds in clearly and methodically drawing out the structure of a medical world in which many of the basic tenets of medicine were still being debated, and in including in his discussion all of the healing institutions that functioned together in the Roman world, be they religious, traditional, or philosophical."

"... [T]his is a good piece of work which will continue to raise important questions and deserves a wide readership."