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Table Of Contents


Introduction: Pennsylvania German Studies
Simon J. Bronner and Joshua R. Brown

Part 1: History and Geography
1. The Old World Background
Mark Häberlein
2. To the New World: Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
John B. Frantz
3. Communities and Identities: Nineteenth to the Twenty-First Centuries
Diane Wenger and Simon J. Bronner

Part 2: Culture and Society
4. The Pennsylvania German Language
Mark Louden
5. Language Use among Anabaptist Groups
Donald B. Kraybill, Steven Nolt, and Edsel Burdge, Jr.
6. Religion
John B. Frantz
7. The Amish
Karen Johnson-Weiner and Joshua R. Brown
8. Literature
Sheila Rohrer
9. Agriculture and Industries
R. Troy Boyer
10. Architecture and Cultural Landscapes
Gabrielle Lanier
11. Furniture and Decorative Arts
Lisa Minardi
12. Fraktur and Visual Culture
Lisa Minardi
13. Textiles
Candace Perry
14. Food and Cooking
Yvonne Milspaw
15. Medicine
David W. Kriebel
16. Folklore and Folklife
Simon J. Bronner
17. Education
William W. Donner
18. Heritage and Tourism
William W. Donner
19. Popular Culture and Media
Simon J. Bronner