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Introduction: Political and Cultural Exchange in the British Atlantic
Part I: Slave-Trade Abolition: Pageantry, Parody, and the Goddess of Liberty (1790s–1820s)
1. Celebrating Columbia, Mother of the White Republic
2. Abolitionist Britannia and the Blackface Supplicant Slave
3. Spreading Liberty to Africa
Part II: Emancipation and Political Reform: Burlesque, Picaresque, and the Great Experiment (1820s–1830s)
4. Black Freedom and Blackface Picaresque: Life in London, Life inPhiladelphia
5. Transatlantic Travelers, Slavery, and Charles Mathews's "Black Fun"
Part III: Radical Abolitionism, Revolt, and Revolution: Spartacus and the Blackface Minstrel (1830s–1850s)
6. Spartacus, Jim Crow, and the Black Jokes of Revolt
7. Revolutionary Brotherhood: Black Spartacus, Black Hercules, and theWage Slave
Conclusion: Uncle Tom, the Eighteenth-Century Revolutionary Legacy, and Historical Memory
Essay on Sources

Performing the Temple of Liberty
Slavery, Theater, and Popular Culture in London and Philadelphia, 1760–1850
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