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"This is my current favorite reference book, the one that I loan to fellows when I'm on service. This is my 'go-to' book when I'm stumped, uncertain, or want to double check my thinking about symptom management."

"A well-researched textbook that drawers on lots of aspects of symptom management in palliative care."

"Dr. Abrahm expands on her excellent coverage of symptom management and includes new chapters to address complex psychosocial topics."

"Every healthcare professional needs this book. A practical and concise guide, it is an excellent resource that should be used to prevent and treat suffering as healthcare professionals accompany the patient and family through the experience of living with cancer."

"This book invites the reader to be as curious and wondrous as the author about the human situations that arise with advanced cancer and the myriad ways that physicians can help."

"This is an important, intelligent, and well-researched book, which includes a bibliography for clinicians and one for patients. It is written with genuine concern for patients and should be particularly useful to clinicians who wish to enhance their relationships with patients and their families."