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"The Physics of Basketball takes the game to a whole new level."

"An unusual book, certain to attract both the sports fan and the armchair scientist."

"Perfect physics aid for basketball fans."

"Fontanella writes with humor and feeling."

"He merges teaching about physics with tips on how to improve the game... With Fontanella's guidance, much is learned about physics, basketball, and the scientific method. Highly recommended."

"The Physics of Basketball bridges the gap between sports science and coaching by introducing many practical ideas that have likely never been considered... recommended reading for all basketball coaches."

"A unique approach to the fundamentals of basketball. This book is a must read for any player, coach, or spectator."

"We analyze and overanalyze the game from so many different angles that it is hard to find a new one. John Fontanella has done just that, breaking the game down in a very interesting way."

"John Fontanella, whose success as a shooter approached perfection, has applied physics to the everyday world of basketball. It will tremendously enhance the game that he loves. I highly recommend his book for coaches, players, and fans who want an insightful understanding of the science of shooting a basketball."