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Table Of Contents

Foreword, by Charles E. Rosenberg
List of Abbreviations
Introduction: Pearl Buck, PKU, and Mental Retardation
1. The Discovery of PKU as a Metabolic Disorder
2. PKU as a Form of Cognitive Impairment
3. Testing and Treating Newborns, 1950–1962
4. The Campaign for Mandatory Testing
5. Sources of Skepticism
6. New Paradigms for PKU
7. Living with PKU
8. The Perplexing Problem of Maternal PKU
9. Who Should Procreate? Perspectives on Reproductive Choice and Responsibility in Postwar America
10. Newborn Screening Expands
Epilogue: "The Government Has Your Baby's DNA": Contesting the Storage and Secondary Use of Residual Dried Blood Spots
A Note on Sources