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Table Of Contents

Introduction: The Problem of Courage
The Return to Courage
A Modern Approach to Courage
The Feminist Critique of Courage
Courage and Liberalism
Approaching Plato
1. Courage and the Education in Virtue
Two Notions of Courage
A Paternal Perspective on Education
The Benefits of Spear-Fighting
Socrates' Rhetorical Strategy
2. Noble Courage: Socrates and Laches
Standing One's Ground
Steadfastness of Soul
The Goodness of Courage
3. Courage and Wisdom: Socrates and Nicias
Nicias' Socratism
Courage as Knowledge
Natural Strength and Prudent Forethought
The Terrible and Emboldening Things
Courageous Knowledge
4. The Nature of Spiritedness
The Role of Spiritedness in the Republic
Spiritedness, Anger, and Justice
Noble Spiritedness
5. The Guardians' Education in Courage
Spiritedness and the Problem of the Guardians
Anger's Weakness
The Limitations of Political Courage
6. Courage and Philosophy
An Education for Courage
Courage and the Problem of the Good
Courage in the Cave
Courage and the Path to Philosophy
Conclusion: The Promise of Courage