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"An engaging social history of play... Pursell's text helps inform readers how capitalist structures focus as much on leisure as they do work or politics to cement their structures in US culture."

"[From Playgrounds to PlayStation] is a fascinating read, and the mixture of facts, anecdotes, quotes, and other sources of research makes it quite an impressive work."

"Pursell's account is masterful in its ability to draw a wide range of cultural sources, sometimes from unexpected quarters, into a unified yet nuanced historical narrative."

"A most engaging that no scholar or layperson interested in the parallel development and interplay of technology and leisure activities can ignore without missing out on a significant contribution."

"... The real strength of this book is his striking detail in analyzing the technologies that have shaped play, especially his frequent and imaginative use of sources like patent records and advertising, too often neglected in histories of play and leisure."

"Drawing on a wide variety of primary and secondary sources, From Playgrounds to PlayStation examines technical play, an important topic that has not been sufficiently studied in the history of technology. The prose is smooth, the arguments clear, and the research sound; a real pleasure."