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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Patterns of Resistance
Part I: Serotherapy and the Rise of the Specific, 1891-1930
1. The Advent of Type-Specific Antipneumococcal Serotherapy
2. A "Specific" Specific and the Turbid Age of Applied Immunology
3. Fundamental Tensions: Clinical "Proof" and Clinical Resistance
Part II: The Transformation of Pneumonia into a Public Health Concern, 1930-1939
4. The Massachusetts Experiment and New (York) Tensions
5. The New Standard, the New Deal, and the Pneumonia Control Programs
Part II: Resolution: The Antimicrobial "Revolution" and the Decline of Serotherapy, 1939-present
6. Histology of a Revolution
7. A "Modern" Revolution: The Limits and Uses of Controlled Clinical Trials
8. The Dismantling of Pneumonia as a Public Health Concern
Conclusion: Overcoming Resistance