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"An indirect critique of New Criticism, Poetic Modernism will appeal to anyone interested in the intersection of modernism and cultural materialism. Recommended."

"Poetic Modernism in the Culture of Mass Print presents a very well-written and frequently compelling series of case studies that detail the complex, fascinating, and often vexing intersections of high modernism and literary marketplaces, in both specialized and mass print cultures."

"This meticulously researched and exhaustively argued book is a fascinating print-culture approach to modern poetry that will be of interest to scholars of modernist poetry, canon formation, periodical studies, book history, and archival studies."

"Brinkman is a brilliant reader of poems, and the premise of his study allows him to make poems where the modernists did not."

"Brinkman is right... to note that modern poetry archives are arranged on a logic of completeness and organic unity. But as researchers, we are free to read them against the grain – to foreground the loose ends and the scraps rather than the implied narrative of artistic heroism. Indeed, that's the kind of reading Brinkman is doing here, brilliantly."

"Academically rigorous and critically illuminating."

"Unifying, coherent, and compelling, Poetic Modernism in the Culture of Mass Print is thoroughly researched and original in its use of archival materials. Gracefully written and well-illustrated, it makes a significant intervention in the fields of modern American poetry, modernism, and archival theory. An important book."