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Table Of Contents

Part I: Introduction
Chapter 1. Overview: Issues and Options for an Aging Population
Chapter 2. An International Perspective on Policies for an Aging Society
Part II: The Economic Framework
Chapter 3. Budget Estimates: What We Know, What We Can't Know, and Why It Matters
Chapter 4. Long-Run Budget Projections and Their Implications For Funding Elderly Entitlements
Chapter 5. Increased Public Spending on the Elderly: Can We Afford It?
Chapter 6. The Economic Consequences of Funding Growing Elderly Entitlements
Chapter 7. The Entitlements Crisis That Never Existed
Part III: Policy Alternatives
Chapter 8. The Case for Universal Social Insurance
Chapter 9. The Moral Imperative of Limiting Elderly Health Entitlements
Chapter 10. The Merits of Changing to Defined Contribution Programs
Chapter 11. The Case for Retaining Defined Benefit Programs
Chapter 12. Private Accounts, Prefunding, and Equity Investment Under Social Security
Chapter 13. Changing Retirement Trends and Their Impact on Elderly Entitlement Programs
Chapter 14. Aligning Incentives For a National Retirement Policy
Part IV: Political Realities
Chapter 15. Enacting Reform: What Can We Expect in the Current Political Context?
Chapter 16. The Politics of Enacting Reform
Chapter 17. The Financial Problems of the Elderly: A Holistic View