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Table Of Contents


Introduction, Larry Diamond and Richard Gunther

I - Theoretical and Historical Perspectives
1 Types and Functions of Parties, Richard Gunther and Larry Diamond
2 The Rise of Parties in Western Democracies, Hans Daalder
3 The Americanization of the European Left, Seymour Martin Lipset
4 Parties Are Not What They Once Were, Philippe C. Schmitter
5 The Party Effects of Electoral Systems, Giovanni Sartori

II Parties and Party Systems After Reform
6 The Three Phases of Italian Parties, Leonardo Morlino
7 Japan's "1955 System" and Beyond, Bradley Richardson

III Developing and Postcommunist Systems
8 Political and Darwinism in Latin America's Lost Decade, Michael Coppedge
9 Toward Modern Pluralism: Political Parties in India, E. Sridharan and Ashutosh Varshney
10 The Institutional Decline of Parties in Turkey, Ergun Özbudun
11 The Legacy of One-Party Hegemony in Taiwan, Yun-han Chu
12 Divergent Paths of Postcommunist Democracies, Herbert Kitschelt

IV Conclusion
13 Challenges to Contemporary Political Parties, Stefano Bartolini and Peter Mair