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"A useful introduction to Washington's political thought. Despite contemporary remarks to the contrary and the paucity of extended political treatises among Washington's papers, Morrison persuasively argues for a Washingtonian political philosophy."

"Not only will it reshape our understanding of its chosen subject, it is also a model for all future scholars seeking to examine the political philosophy of a member of the Revolutionary generation of Americans... Admirably concise, thorough, and responsible."

"Morrison's book is a delight. It is filled with provocative ideas, rewarding insight into Washington and his times, a succinctly useful essay on republican ideology, and an illuminating section on the religious outlook of this American founder. Whether one agrees or disagrees with Morrison, his book deserves to be read."

"Those who accept the ‘dumb general’ caricature should be chastened by Morrison’s elegant and concise sampling of Washington’s writings, which shows how much serious thought percolated through his voluminous corpus... This work deserves to be studied and debated by political scientists, historians, and public intellectuals concerned with America’s fundamental political principles and those of liberal democracy."

"The volume does engage the reader with some promising lines of inquiry. Morrison's treatment of Washington's continental perspective and its relation to this political experience, extensive travels, and land holdings is one of the most interest insights of the monograph."

"Morrison’s concise and well-written synthesis of the political philosophy of George Washington reflects the recent popular enthusiasm for the lives and characters of the Founding Fathers. However, Morrison goes beyond the so-called 'founders’ chic' trend and examines Washington’s political thought and theory, a rarely discussed dimension of this emblematic man of the Founding generation... Convincingly explores the legacy of George Washington as a political thinker and rehabilitates him as a public intellectual."

The Political Philosophy of George Washington
Publication Date: 15 Apr 2009
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